VIII Spanish Parallel Programming Contest

L. Peter Deutsch

To iterate is human, to recurse divine.


A record classification on each problem of every edition is maintained out of contest. In order to establish a new record it is mandatory to send as an attachment to the developed source code, with detailled comments.

The jury will ratify if it is valid. So, it is necessary that the solution proposed is different from the current registered record. The enhanced speed-up is verified in the evaluation system.

Every ratified record will be included in the record classification page, providing the source code.

In 2017 and 2018, systems at the CESGA are used to run the contest. One 24 cores node is used for OpenMP problems, 4 of these nodes for MPI+OpenMP, a K80 for CUDA and a XeonPhi with 61 cores for OpenMP on offload mode.

Qualification test of the VIII Spanish Parallel Programming Contest 2018

PR. Group Sp Date Place
A - OpenMP Félix Fischer Marqués and Lesly Reyes Cabrera 10.90 14/06/2018 Qualification VIII CPP
B - MPI Organization 7.54 (in heteropar) 17/12/2018
B - MPI Organization 2.66 14/06/2018
C - CUDA Alfonso Luis Castaño Marín 53.07 14/06/2018 Qualification VIII CPP
E - MPI Organization 1.65 14/06/2018

SARTECO Centro de Supercomputación de Galicia Universidad de Murcia Universidad de Santiago de Compostela