VIII Spanish Parallel Programming Contest

Craig Bruce

It is hardware that makes a machine fast. It is software that makes a fast machine slow.

Results of the Qualification test for the Spanish Parallel Programming Contest 2018, promoted to final classification due to low participation in the qualification test (3 normal participation+8 in exhibition mode).

After the celebration of the qualification test for the VIII Spanish Parallel Progamming Contest, the problems are published.

Solutions to the problems can be sent to be included in the records' table.



1 Alfonso Luis Castaño Marín, University of Murcia Score: 23.35 / 120
2 SixtyFlames: Félix Fischer Marqués and Lesly Reyes Cabrera, Universidad Católica de Chile, Exhibition mode Score: 8.61 / 120
3 MainScientist: Felipe Peza Pinochet, Universidad Católica de Chile, Exhibition mode Score: 0.23 / 120

SARTECO Centro de Supercomputación de Galicia Universidad de Murcia Universidad de Santiago de Compostela