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Script: Scientific Computing and Parallel Programming Group
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The people in this group belong to:
Computer Engineering Department (DITEC) of the University of Murcia
Computer Science and System Department (DIS) of the University of Murcia
Technological Researching Supporting Service (SAIT) of the Polytechnical University of Cartagena
Operative Researching Center, University Miguel Hernández of Elche

Mathematical and statistic modeling. Efficient algorithms. Optimization and autooptimization techniques for sequential and parallel routines, including linear algebra routines and algorithmic schemes.

Computation on parallel systems, including hybrid and heterogeneous systems.
High performance computing, use and development of efficient libraries and metaheuristics for solving scientific and engineering problems (graphic algorithms, quantum chemistry simulation, simultaneous equation systems in econometrics, signal analysis, ...)

The group collaborates with important groups in the parallel computing field. In recent years it has collaborated with the High-Performance Computing and Networking Group at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia in different Spanish projects led by Dr. Antonio Vidal on the application of parallel computing to acoustic signal processing.

Ocassionally it has collaborated, collaborates or plans to collaborate with other groups all over the world: the groups of Dr. Rui Rahla at the University of Minho (Portugal), Dr. Robert van de Geijn at the University of Texas at Austin, Dr. Jack Dongarra at the University of Tennessee, Dr. Francisco Almeida at the University of La Laguna (Spain), Dr. Alexey Lastovetsky at the University College Dublin, Dr. Enrique Quintana at the University Jaume I of Castellón (Spain), Dr. Yves Robert at the Ecole Normale Superieur of Lyon, Dr. El-Ghazali Talbi at the Polytech'Lille (France)...